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Section IV - Essential Oils, Well-Being and the Human Energy Field (H.E.F.)

In Brief -

The human energy field and chakras have recently been identified and measured in groundbreaking scientific studies. The science is infinitely complex utilising fractals, chaos and complexity alongside more familiar techniques. Their message however, is breathtakingly simple and of primary importance to our health, well-being and perception of the world around us.

The essential features are as follows:
1) The H.E.F. is measurable and displays a vast range of frequencies which are as unique to the individual as a fingerprint. Frequencies range from approximately 250 hz. to as high as 250,000 hz. in some rare individuals.
2) The H.E.F. reacts to our external environment before the brain does and so is of a more primary nature than the physical brain.
3) Using fractal analysis the H.E.F. has been observed to possess an infinitely greater level of organisation than does the brain. By comparison the brain is merely a very simple piece of hardware - an "information processor" rather than an "information generator", processing information from the field, consciousness and the implicate order.
4) Sickness or disease appears first in the H.E.F. - often months before it makes an appearance in the physical body.
5) The H.E.F contains (in frequency form) the "blueprint" which generates our state of health, personality, physical characteristics and everything we regard as being "us" We continually add to and modify our "blueprint" through our perceptions, thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Our daily experiences and our perception of those experiences, provide an uninterrupted flow of data to be incorporated into the "information banks" encompassed by our field. It is the brain thatÊ processes this information, encoding it in a form that is meaningful to the field.

How do we communicate with the H.E.F. in order to eliminate negative or outdated programs and to input beneficial or desirable programs?
Our sole conscious access to the H.E.F. is via the right hemisphere of the brain, which is pre-verbal and so does not react to verbal commands or reasoning. The language of the right hemisphere and therefore the H.E.F. is image-based - it is not amenable to verbal argument or logic. The right hemisphere therefore constitutes a filter which allows only frequency based imagery to be processed and communicated to the field.

All information from the left hemisphere must be converted to an image form before it can be incorporated within the "field". The brain core (limbic system, hypothalamus etc.) has direct access to the H.E.F. but this communication is not of a conscious nature - it is however by this route that our unbridled thoughts and emotions, when negative in character, sabotage our health and emotional harmony. Our emotions continually trigger the most intense mental imagery which is rapidly transmitted to the field. Where our emotions and imaginings have a negative connotation, we are unwittingly seeding the field with an undesirable and often self-destructive "blueprint" - the non-reasoning subconscious accepts these negative images as instructions to be carried out, which it does to our detriment.

Because our emotional states generally arise spontaneously from within the brain core, they are not the result of a conscious or rational process. Here lies the danger - we have a powerful programming mechanism which usually operates outside the sphere of our conscious control. However, as these emotional states largely arise from learned behaviours and conditioning, we can re-edit the internal programs if we so desire. We must be aware that our mental images and emotions are the only communication mechanism we have available to us if we wish to bring about change at the field level - a change which precedes all physical change.

How can we use essential oils as aids to reprogramming the H.E.F. according to our desires?

Essential oils intensify our mental imagery and so can help us to create clear, unambiguous mental programs. These programs are then available for the H.E.F. to incorporate within its structure as the framework for subsequent action. In this way we can eliminate undesirable traits and conditions and replace them with those that are positive and beneficial. Essential oils also resonate with our emotional states, which are inextricably bound up with our mental imagery. They can help us to convert our negative, destructive emotional input into that which is positive and constructive.

Using Essential Oils With The H.E.F.

Vaporisation is more effective than application to the skin when working with the H.E.F. and so is the preferred method of usage. Ideally vaporise your oil using a diffuser that does not involve heating the essential oil. If a diffuser is not available, a candle-burner with plenty of water in the dish will be quite acceptable.

Do not use an electric burner that heats the oil in the absence of water as this adversely affects the composition of the oil.

A particularly effective method of using essential oils with the H.E.F. is to place 1 or 2 drops on a tissue and place the tissue inside your pillow case before you go to sleep. Whilst you are sleeping the subconscious is more accessible than at any other time, excepting deep states of meditation. This is an ideal time to input new mental programmmes with the aid of essential oils.

A Simple Procedure for Working With Essential Oils and the H.E.F.

Whether you are taking the opportunity to work with your mental images during the day or as you drift off to sleep at night, the procedure remains the same. Choose an oil appropriate to your taste and needs and follow the visualisation below:
1) Close your eyes and take a few minutes to relax.
2) Concentrate on your breathing - visualise it as the rhythmic rise and fall of waves in the ocean - without beginning and without end - continue for a few minutes until you become one with the waves.
3) Now visualise your breath as pure white light - See it fill your body and beyond - a cloud of pure vibrant energy.
4) You are now that cloud of pure white light - the boundaries of your body have dissolved and you are becoming brighter and brighter- energy in its purest form. Hold this image until your focus is entirely upon your cloud of light. Your body has now melted into your cloud of light and you are experiencing your true energetic being. Your cloud of light feels peaceful and secure and you feel totally at home, experiencing your true perfect self. Remain with this image as long as you desire.
5) Now move on to the focus of your meditation. In your mind's eye- If you have a problem you wish to resolve, then imagine the solution you desire as already being accomplished. If there is something that you wish to bring into your life, then see yourself as already being in possession of what you desire. If there is something that you wish to eliminate from your life then imagine your life as already being free of that which you wish to eliminate. If you need the answer to a problem, then visualise the answer as already having been given to you (the solution will often just pop into your mind within the next few days.) The scenarios are endless. In brief, whatever you wish to bring into, or eliminate from your life - see it as already achieved . In order to create the clearest program for your subconscious to work with, imagine your desires with the greatest intensity you can muster, backed up with the appropriate emotion for the situation. Imagine how you would feel in the given situation and experience the emotion along with the mental pictures in your mind's eye. Only use positive imagery and emotions - you must avoid the use of negatives.
6) When you reach the end of your visualisation, slowly return to awareness of your physical body and surroundings. Remain sitting or lying quietly for a few minutes or allow yourself to drift into sleep, feeling at peace and in total harmony with your body, your mind and your surroundings.

Essential Oils and their Energetic Profiles.

Individual essential oils possess a wide range of properties from the energetic perspective. The suggestions listed below represent just one aspect of their many applications. The suggested uses relate to their resonance with the H.E.F. and are enhanced by incorporation within an imagery exercise or meditation.

Bergamot Insomnia, lethargy, apathy. Grief,low self-esteem
Boronia Negative behaviour patterns, lack of energy and motivation, poor self Êimage. Grief, helplessness, hopelessness.
Lavender Lavender's primary use is to enhance the properties of any oils combined with it.
Lemon Lack of concentration and focus, lack of energy, negativity, Inability to assimilate new ideas and concepts.
Mimosa Absolute Release of past memories of a negative nature. Lack of joy in life and living. Feelings of irritation and annoyance.
Olibanum The primary oil with respect to imagery, meditation and the H.E.F. Enhances mental images and expanded awareness. Enhances the immune system
Orange Promotes happiness. Helps eliminate destructive attitudes.
Patchouli Grounding. Helps eliminate negativity. Counteracts feelings of vulnerability and of anger.
Pine Calming and energising. Helpful with imagery involving memory.
Rose Allows us to accept ourselves as we are, without judgement. Allows us to accept others as they are, without judgement.
Vetivert Grounding. Counteracts negativity.

Core Blends

Facilitates access to information stored in the H.E.F. particularly with respect to eliminating negative programmes. Allows us to remove destructive programmes from the "blueprint" and replace them with those of a constructive nature.
Mandarin Tranquility
Probably the most versatile blend we offer. Helps us to counteract stress, insomnia, fears, phobias etc. Encourages a relaxed, meditative state and the production of vivid mental imagery. Is associated with the immune system and the ability to access energy freely from the H.E.F.
Rosewood Vitality
Helps us to create a free flow of energy throughout the body and chakra system. Helpful where individuals are either stressed or lethargic.
For self-healing visualisations. Encourages rich creative imagery and a deep emotional resonance. Its focus is upon the restoration ofÊ rhythms and cycles.

Concept / Perceptual Blends

Benjamin The "experience" of self-acceptance and unconditional love - the bridge between body and spirit
Onchya The "experience" of "self-knowledge", beyond the distortions of illusion and limited perception.
Lebonah The "experience" of "self-awareness", of "being" beyond the limitations of everyday sensory perception.
Bdellium The "experience" of "self", beyond the limitations of individuality.


Imagery Blends


Imagery blends to help counteract negativity -

Cus-Cus Helps develop a positive approach to life and events we encounter. Helps us to release feelings of vulnerability and to feel at ease in the company of others.
Daphne Helps us to release negativity expressed as fear, anxiety and regret. It allows us to see events in their true context and their entirety, rather than focus on the distortions created by seeing only "half the picture."

Imagery blend to promote and harmonise the energy flow -

Limettae Helps promote energy and motivation whilst focusing on meaningful goals in life - eliminating anger, frustration and aggression. Where individuals are lacking direction and self-confidence it helps overcome feelings of fear, anxiety and vulnerability.

Imagery blend to promote peace and harmony -

T'namie This blend allows us to love ourselves and others alike and to release negative emotions such as envy and resentment.

Imagery blend to promote security -

Romero Encourages harmony through expanding our awareness. Helps us to release feelings of vulnerability through breaking down the walls and barriers we have built between ourselves and others. Additionally allows us to free ourselves from our automatic patterns of behaviour, our "vortices of thought" which cause us to be rigid and inflexible.

Imagery blend to promote awareness -

Life-everlasting Expands our awareness through spiritual growth. Helps us to truly understand the choices we are faced with in life and to distinguish between wisdom and folly.

Imagery blends to promote elimination or purification -

Balsamodendron Facilitates the release of distorted perception with respect to past events, as well as the growth of understanding in the present. Helps eliminate negativity and promote wisdom and creativity.
Pucha-pat Allows the release of self-destructive emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger and bitterness. Promotes the "groundedness" necessary to convert our ideas and aspirations into everyday reality.

Imagery blend to promote serenity -

Queen of Flowers Allows us to experience the nature of our "true-self", of our true potential and capabilities. This elicits a deep sense of serenity which can be sustained, even amidst the apparent chaos and discord of daily life.

Imagery blend for meditation prior to sleep -

Gallitricum Encourages imagery and creativity allowing us to produce new ideas,insights and concepts. Helps us to develop the awareness to understand ourselves better, to develop our strengths and overcome our weaknesses.

Imagery blend for sleep -

Manzanilla Allows us to develop the emotional harmony necessary to fall rapidly into a deep and restful sleep. Encourages us to express our needs and desires and eliminate anger, fear and the conflicting emotions that distort our emotional harmony.

Imagery blend for well-being -

Archangel Helps us to correct distortions in the information recorded in the H.E.F, which adversely affect our health and well-being. Encourages the growth of awareness and clarity of perception which is the foundation of harmony and good health.
Levant Helps us to overcome the obstacles encountered in everyday life, whilst learning valuable lessons from them. Allows us to overcome ideas of limitation and so free the mind to operate in its natural mode- accessing the H.E.F. at will.
Boronia Boronia enables us to release feelings of fear, hurt and sadness as well as past emotional ties, which prevent us from moving forwards. It also allows us to break down our obsessive or habitual thought patterns, the "vortices of thought" that can destroy our lives.
Mimosa Encourages us to release oppressive memories from the past and the negative emotions that accompany them. Helps us to experience feelings of joy and release and to develop a positive attitude towards the present.
Joy Of The Mountain Encourages us to freely accept new attitudes, ideas, concepts and understanding. Helps to eliminate resistance and replace it with resonance.


Imagery Blends For Access To The H.E.F.

We are all comfortable with the concept of electrical, magnetic and gravitational fields - none of which are visible or tangible to our senses. The human energy field is just another such field, of a rather more subtle nature. We can however, with experience, increase the sensitivity of our senses to be directly aware of this field.We are then able to consciously work with it, in order to remove distortions within the frequency domain.

Angel Root Allows us to re-program information stored in the H.E.F. with respect to the harmonious functioning of our physical body. It is at this level of the H.E.F. that we find the "blueprint" for our physical body and every aspect of our biochemical processes. This level represents our "physical self". Angel root allows us to take control over our physical health.
Masterwort Allows us to reprogram our emotional activity. It is at this level of the H.E.F. that we locate the "information blueprint" with respect to our emotions, feelings and sensory experience. It constitutes our "feeling self". Masterwort allows us to take control over our emotional health.
Prana This is the level of the H.E.F. where the "information blueprint" records our understanding of concepts - the nature and extent of our potential abilities and the interdependence of mind, body and spirit. At this level we understand that physical health is not possible without emotional and spiritual health. We also access the awareness of how our thoughts and feelings shape our health and physical reality. Prana allows us to take control of our mental concepts.
Narcissus This is the level of the H.E.F. at which we access the "experience" of our true self and the "implicate order" itself. Narcissus allows us to "experience" the nature of "being".


Important Notes and Contraindications

1. When using essential oils for their ontological benefits, vaporisation of the oils is by far the most beneficial medium.
2. The use of essential oils in body oils baths and foot baths is also valid and complementary.
3. Essential oils should never be taken internally.
4. The chakra and imagery oils are designed for vaporisation purposes only. They are not designed for use during pregnancy nor with young children. (under the age of 10)
5. Oils marked with the contraindication - "R" contain rosemary and are not suitable for persons who are pregnant, suffer from epilepsy or high blood pressure.

"Time and space are not conditions under which we live but ways in which we think." Einstein