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Chia Seed Oil

Chia Seed OilSCHIA

Chia Seed Oil originally from South America is a powerhouse of Omega 3 fatty acids. Chia Seed Oil is a superb emollient and deeply conditioning oil. Great for oily skin or clogged pores due to a high zinc and vitamin B3 content.


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Chia Seed Oil

Salvia hispanica Seed Oil

Method of Extraction:

Super Critical Carbon Dioxide (SCO2)

Chia Seed Oil is a richly moisturising and conditioning oil. Dry skin loves it.



Nutrient Profile:

Mainly Omega 3 fatty acids with Zinc & vitamin B3


Skincare, Hair care

Benefits & Properties:

 Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant properties

May Assist With:

Acne (inflammation), Dry skin


Shelf Life of Chia Seed Oil

Our freshly decanted Chia Seed Oil will last for 6 months minimum if stored correctly:

Storage Considerations:

Store your bottles in a room that does not receive much, if any direct sunlight. Store your bottles in a manner that prevents them from being repeatedly exposed to light sources. Store your oils in a room that is kept cool and dry.

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