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Organic Carrier Oils

Organic Virgin Borage Oil

Organic Virgin Borage OilSBORAG

Borage Oil is known to facilitate skin rejuvenation and skin regeneration. Is suggested for stimulating skin cell activation as well as aiding skin disorder sufferers with allergies, dermatitis and irritations.



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  • Description

Borage Oil

Borago officinalis Oil

Method of Extraction & Country:

Cold Pressed (Cold Extracted) in China

Borage oil is known to facilitate skin rejuvenation and skin regeneration.


Light, Oily

Nutrient Profile:

 Alkaloids, Essential Fatty Acids, GLA’s


Skincare, Massage, Cosmetics, Medicinal

Benefits & Properties:

Very penetrating, Regenerative, Stimulates skin cells, Dilute with another carrier oil 10% Borage 90% other carrier oil as an example.

*Do not use while pregnant, may cause premature labour*

May Assist With:

Aged skin, Damaged skin, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis 


Shelf Life of Borage Oil

Our freshly decanted Borage Oil will last for 6 months minimum if stored correctly:

Storage Considerations:

Store your bottles in a room that does not receive much, if any direct sunlight. Store your bottles in a manner that prevents them from being repeatedly exposed to light sources. Store your oils in a room that is kept cool and dry.

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