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Origano Essential Oil (Spanish Oregano)

Origano Essential Oil (Spanish Oregano) PORI

Thymus capitatus (Eastern Europe)


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Origano Essential Oil 

(Thymus capitatus)

Plant - Steam Distilled


   Origano (Thymus capitatus) Essential Oil



   Infected cuts, wounds, parasites, edema, acne, scabies, lice, cellulite hydrolipid



   Asthma, colds, bronchitis, catarrh, whooping cough, viral and bacterial pneumonia

   (Medical Diagnosis Required)

   Muscular / Skeletal:

   Rheumatic and arthritic pain, muscle aches & pains, asthenia

   Cardiovascular / Lymphatic:



   Colds, flu, virus, infectious pathologies environment disinfectant infections


   Nervous stomach disorders, stimulates liver & spleen, calms intestinal spasm,

   flatulence, stimulates appetite, aids aerophagia (gulping air)




   Genito-Urinary / Reproductive:


   Encourages menstruation, eases painful cramps, increases urine flow

   Nervous Brain/ Mind

   Very stimulating nerve tonic, energizes a tired mind, revives the senses, noise in

   ears, migraines, facial tics, relieves imaginary diseases & gives feeling of well-being  

Sheppard-Hanger, Sylla. The Aromatherapy Practitioner Reference Manual: Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy, 1999. Print.

Known for its spicy and pungent-yet-delicious aroma. This wild Spanish Origano essential oil may help you enhance your immune system.

Spanish Origano oil has a fiery, heavy, and herbaceous aroma. It may assist you with its uplifting qualities and may support the immune system and respiratory system.

Blends perfectly well with all kinds of spice oil blends

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