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Rosewood Essential Oil

Rosewood Essential OilPRWD

Aniba rosaedora (India)



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Rosewood Essential Oil 

(Aniba rosaedora)

Wood - Steam Distilled

Aromatherapeutic Uses:

Bronchial infection, tonsillitis, cough, stress headache, convalescence, acne, eczema, psoriasis, scarring, insect bites, stings, nervousness, depression, anxiety, stress. [Valerie Ann Worwood, The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, 25th Anniversary Edition (Novato, California: New World Library, 2016, 618.]


Rosewood Essential Oil Aromatherapy References:


   Rosewood (Aniba rosaedora) Essential Oil



   Acne, dry, sensitive, inflamed skin dermatitis, scars, combination skin, wrinkles, cell

   stimulant and tissue regenerator


   Ticklish coughs, sore throat, antiseptic, for all bronco pulmonary infections

   (especially babies)

   Muscular / Skeletal:

   Muscle tonic

   Cardiovascular / Lymphatic:



   Immune stimulant, cough, colds, flu, fever; good for all bronco pulmonary & oral



   Relieves nausea with headache   



   Genito-Urinary / Reproductive:


   Genito urinary antiseptic, aids vaginal candida; aphrodisiac, may aid sufferers of

   sexual abuse

   Nervous Brain/ Mind

   Tonic relaxant, stabilizes and balances central nervous system, aids nervous

   depression, asthenia, low energy, overwork, jet lag, uplifts, enlightens and calms

   during meditation

Sheppard-Hanger, Sylla. The Aromatherapy Practitioner Reference Manual: Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy, 1999. Print.


Rosewood essential oil is valued and adored for its fantastic bouquet, it is a well-known balancer and a highly-prized oil.

Rosewood essential oil has a woody scent that has hints of fruit and flowers. This rich oil has grounding properties that may help you balance emotions.

Rosewood essential oil blends perfectly with Mandarin, Cedarwood, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense and Geranium.

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