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Hydrosol / Flower Water

Tea Tree Hydrosol

Tea Tree HydrosolMTTFW

100 ml size is offered with an atomiser as standard.



Available for $100 orders and over

Tea Tree Hydrosol Benefits and Uses:

Please see below for Tea Tree Hydrosol information.

  • Description

Tea Tree Hydrosol

A versatile antibacterial spray for your body and face.

Tea Tree Hydrosol Uses & Benefits:

May be used as antibacterial spritzer and may also help acne prone skin.

Room Spray: Especially beneficial where malodours are present.

Body Mist: Perfect for body odour caused by bacteria ie. smelly feet!

Facial Toner: Spray mist onto face and neck as a antimicrobial toner.


Shelf Life of Flower Water & Hydrosols

Our freshly decanted Flower Water & Hydrosols will last for 3-6 months minimum if stored correctly:

Storage Considerations:

Keep out of light
Store in a cool, dry, dark place. Preferably in your refrigerator.

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