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Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word meaning "reverence for life".

It means literally 'non killing' or 'non harming' and denotes non-violence in thought and deed.

Ahimsa is the active state of living in harmony.


As Australia's leading specialists in the supply of rare and ultimate purity essential oils, as well as being one of the longest established essential oil and carrier oil suppliers within Australia, we embrace these sanskrit principles. For 35 years Ahimsa oils have been the preferred choice throughout Australia .

 Ahimsa is a wholly owned Australian business, dedicated to supplying the world's finest essential oils - oils not generally available through ordinary commercial outlets. From its inception, the primary philosophy of Ahimsa has been to maintain the highest ethics in all aspects of business, in accordance with the true meaning of the Sanskrit word "Ahimsa". Ahimsa Oils is not about flashy marketing, glitzy packaging, hype or hyperbola. Instead, Ahimsa is committed to providing the finest essential oils available, plain and simple.

Founded by Jenna Bosley, a qualified Aromatherapist and International Federation of Aromatherapists accredited Principal Teacher, Ahimsa was amongst the first in Australia to incorporate a scientific basis into the art of aromatherapy. Since 1985 Jenna has been researching the paradigm shift from Newtonian to Quantum and Post-Quantum science and have been exploring the use of essential oils in line with the latest advances in theoretical physics. This can be most concisely expressed as the interaction between essential oils, emotion, perception and consciousness. This new awareness allows a much deeper understanding of the nature of essential oils than previously possible. They have named this paradigm shift from the conventional field of aromatherapy "Implicate Aromatology" and have lectured extensively on the subject throughout Australia.

 Ahimsa Oils has been owned by Sandy & Mark Dumont since mid 2016 but Jenna Bosely remained on as our mentor and consultant until her passing in December 2020. We still supply the same beautiful essential oils and use all the same trusted suppliers and distillers / farmers. We are also increasing our organic range and since January 2017 Ahimsa have been bringing in organic oil samples from all over the world. Each organic sample has been compared to our Pure and Natural equivalent and regional distinctions have been made also when relevant. Our suppliers complete the scientific testing and other means of quality assurance and we profile the organoleptic characteristics ( colour, clarity, viscosity, odour- both freshly applied to our perfumers strips and on the dry down). Many of these organic samples ( 2 to 25 ml) we have procured have not passed our organoleptic testing ( all from non current suppliers mind you). The beautiful organic samples that will remain part of our increasing product range are outstanding. Most of these certified organic essential oils are through our trusted suppliers however a few are from new and sometimes surprising channels.

All this brings us to our guarantee. Jenna always stated to us on many occasions " you can get any oil from any supplier any time, but that is not what you want". By this Jenna meant only stock the very best, the most pure oils possible. If something is not available that is of the highest quality than do not stock it and don't replace with a lesser quality product, pure and simple. This is our philosophy also-only stock the best and that is our guarantee. Our essential oils are different to many that are available to purchase. We have confirmed this through sampling. Our carrier or fixed oils also are from exceptional suppliers. For example, our organic coconut oil is turned into organic coconut oil in the field at the plantation within 30 minutes of being harvested! A highly specialised machine developed by an Australian professor allows this speed of processing. Many of our other carrier oils are cold expressed using machinery developed by another Australian scientist that allows for much lower levels of friction and hence heat during the manufacturing process. Our cold expressed carrier oils therefore retain much more of the heat sensitive nutrients.

Please try us, as we know you won't be disappointed. 

Jenna, Mark & Sandy


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