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Meditation For Busy Minds: One

The ‘Mystery’ and ‘Science’ of Meditation, is the first in a series of articles entitled ‘Meditation for Busy Minds’. Our journey begins with a brief exploration of how science may serve to unlock elements of the ‘mystery’ of meditation and in doing so …………… ‘transform’ what often appears as an impossibly difficult challenge ……… into a ‘simple, natural and infinitely rewarding ‘ journey through consciousness’.
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Organic Essential Oils

With the introduction of the new Ahimsa Oils website in late May 2017 we are increasing the range of organic essential oils. Now these oils are certified organic (from different certifying entities worldwide) but as Ahimsa Oils is not certified we will not break Australian labelling regulations or present unethical implications.
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Our Jojoba Oil

Our golden jojoba oil which is more technically a liquid wax is one of our primary carrier oils and is a beautiful way to dilute powerful essential oils, essential oil blends or natural perfumes.
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Rosemary Essential Oil Vs Eucalyptus Essential Oil

I received a call recently from someone that was fairly new to essential oils and had never bought Rosemary Essential Oil before. They were concerned that the Rosemary oil did not smell exactly like the crushed culinary herb. They were further concerned that Rosemary oil smells a lot like Eucalyptus Essential Oil.
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Angelica Root or Seed Essential Oil?

Jodie back in early 2016 bought Angelica Root Essential Oil from Jenna Bosley the previous owner of Ahimsa Oils. Jodie contacted us in January 2017 to say she was unsure of the smell of the Angelica Root Essential Oil as she had smelled Angelica Seed Essential Oil at a meeting she had attended and ours was different.
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New Website! New Products!

New Website! Let us celebrate by increasing our organic essential oils and hard to find essential oils. We celebrate and you benefit with an even more comprehensive range, with many more hard to find Northern Hemisphere essential oils. Please read more.....
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