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Meditation & Spiritual Blends

Ahimsa brings to you a range of essential oil blends that have been developed and prepared specifically for meditational and imagery use as well as for use with the chakras.

Over a period of many years we have been researching the traditional, spiritual and meditational uses of essential oils and plant materials and we have incorporated them into our daily lifestyle and activities.

During this time we have been approached by many of our customers seeking help and guidance on the selection of appropriate oils for these purposes. In response to this expressed need we are pleased to offer two ranges of essential oil blends which we have developed and prepared specifically for meditational and imagery use as well as for use with the chakras. These formulations are derived from age-old knowledge generally long forgotten and unknown to modern society, which we have re-appraised in the light of the latest advances in post quantum science.

More complete details of the function and usage of these blends are provided in a handbook, which is available from us, on request. Please contact us for more details on our handbook.

Meditational, Spiritual & Imagery Oils

For Harmonising the Human Energy Field & Chakras

The practice of using plant materials for spiritual purposes and to expand awareness is an unbroken tradition which is still perpetuated today. Following extensive research into the traditional meditational and spiritual practices of many different civilisations, we have formulated these compounds from essential oils extracted from rare and precious plant materials which have been used throughout recorded history. We use oils from the same plants as those used by the Ancient Babylonians, Moses and the Oracle at Delphi to mention but a few. Many of the plants were used in pre-biblical times and are referred to in the Old Testament and other ancient documents.

This traditional wisdom has been combined with the latest insights brought to us from non-linear physics and neuro-science in order to formulate a range of pure essential oil blends which interface and resonate directly with the human energy field itself.

The blends are made entirely from materials of plant origin, no animal products whatsoever have been used in their preparation and they are designed for use by vaporisation. They are not designed for use during pregnancy, with alcohol or by young children (under the age of 10). Because of their strength it is adequate to inhale a few drops, placed on a tissue prior to meditation. You may also add 3 or 4 drops to a diffuser or 3 or 4 drops to water on a vaporiser. They are intended for use in meditation or prior to sleep.

More complete details of the function and usage of these blends is provided in the Implicate Aromatology Handbook.

Core Blends

Four unique blends of 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oils - from the heart of the ancient traditions but, with a resonance which addresses our 20th century needs and perceptions.

Harmony - Facilitates access to the human energy field, particularly with respect to the elimination of negative subconscious programmes. Allows us to remove destructive programmes from the field & replace them with those of a constructive nature.

Mandarin Tranquility - Probably the most versatile blend we offer. Indispensable in situations of stress. Also insomnia, fears, phobias etc. Encourages a relaxed meditative state & the production of vivid mental imagery. Resonates with the immune system & the ability to access energy freely from the human energy field.

Meadow - For self-healing visualisations. Encourages rich creative imagery & a deep emotional resonance. The focus is upon the restoration of rhythms & cycles.

Rosewood Vitality - Helps create a free flow of energy throughout the body & chakra system. Resonates with individuals who are either stressed or lethargic.

Perceptual/Conceptual Blends

Four blends of essential oils dedicated to four specific concepts; ‘self knowledge’, ‘self awareness’, ‘self acceptance’, ‘self experience’. These blends may be used to assist a focus on these concepts during meditation. Bdellium - ‘experience of self’ - beyond the limitations of individuality. Benjamin - ‘self acceptance’ - the bridge between body & spirit. Lebonah - ‘self awareness’ - beyond the limitations of everyday sensory perception. Onchya - ‘self knowledge’ - beyond the distortions of illusion & limited perception.

Functional Blends

Additionally we offer a wide range of essential oil blends intended to assist you to focus more clearly on a variety of themes such as Counteraction of Negativity, Peace and Harmony, Sleep etc


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