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100% Pure & Natural Essential Oils

These essential oils are quite simply the finest essential oils we have been able to locate anywhere in the world. 100% Pure and Natural, exactly the way nature intended.

100% Pure & Natural Essential Oils are beyond comparison.

For each of these oils we offer very comprehensive data including precise definition of botanical species, country of origin, method of production, the part of the plant used and, as we obtain verification, we identify those oils which are produced from plants of certified organic origin.

The recent growth in the use of essential oils and fragrances has lead to the emergence of a host of products which are sold, both correctly and incorrectly, as essential oils. In addition we now see a plethora of claims regarding purity and quality which are totally incapable of substantiation. To assist in your evaluation of products and claims we have prepared the following general notes.

Claims of Purity

The highest quality of essential oils available are those identified as "100% Pure & Natural", an internationally recognised and scientifically sustainable term used within the industry. We are at present seeing the term "100% Pure & Natural" being used indiscriminately on products, which quite clearly do not conform to this standard. 

To be considered "100% Pure & Natural" an essential oil must have had nothing added to it, including both natural and synthetic components. It will not have been processed to conform to a pharmaceutical monograph such as B.P.C. or A.P.C. Such monographs are not proof of purity, nor of 100% natural composition, they are in fact the pharmaceutical industry's specification of chemical composition. The means of achieving that composition is not considered important by the industry, which merely requires standardisation. Therefore oils with such classifications may well have been processed and adjusted in many different ways to achieve a chemical composition that is far from 100% pure & natural, but is standardised. Gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy are increasingly being promoted as being the sole arbiters of purity. In reality such data is merely an indication of chemical composition without any insight into how that composition has been achieved, extensions and synthetic components may not necessarily be identifiable.

Ahimsa 100% Pure and Natural Essential OIls

Ahimsa 100% Pure & Natural essential oils are sourced solely from plants of specified botanical species and are produced by the best methods available. They have not been reconstructed, adjusted or adulterated in any way. Where possible, they are organically grown. Routine gas liquid chromatography / mass spectroscopy analysis is carried out on each of these oils to ensure its purity.

To ensure that our oils are maintained in optimum condition we store them in bulk & bottle them into smaller sizes as we receive orders. Our 100% Pure & Natural oils are quite simply the finest essential oils we have been able to locate anywhere in the world. 



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