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How to become an Ahimsa Oils Wholesaler.

Ahimsa Oils have made a commitment to providing products of the highest quality to our customers including our customers with retail outlets and professional settings. At some stage we hope to introduce a more formal Wholesale Program including point of sale displays and signage but in the mean time please understand the requirements for wholesale below:

Requirements for wholesale

  1. $500 minimum first time wholesale order - this order will qualify for a 15% discount off your order. Our prices are low for the extremely high quality of our product range so 15% is currently our best offer.
  2. Your $500 or greater first time wholesale order should be phoned through on (07) 3855 1555 or sent to or if you contact Sandy on (07) 3855 1555 and explain you qualify for Wholesale she will provide the code you put in at the checkout to gain this 15% discount.
  3. You must have an ABN. and have a retail or professional setting such as a shop, market stall, massage or yoga studio, therapeutic practice or the like.
  4. You need to order a minimum of 2 of each of the oils you would like for resale.
    eg. Two 10ml Lavender Mt Blanc (Pure and Natural Range) or Two 10ml French Lavender (Genuine Range) etc. as this shows commercial intent. This applies to people who have a retail or professional setting only.
  5. Each new and subsequent order must be $250 minimum.

Our prices are typically low. You can by all means charge whatever you like for our products. Therefore, procure the 15% discount, however the mark up your end at your practice, studio or shop can make the price of the product higher than what we have on our website. We have no minimum or maximum retail price. Feel free also to re-label our products with your labels.

At this time we do not offer private label services. That is, we do not have the equipment or staff to place your own label on our decanted products.

On our website also we only go up to a certain size or quantity on our products. If you require a quote on commercial quantities please let us know.