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A few of our most Popular Products

As one of the longest established essential oil and carrier oil suppliers in Australia, Ahimsa Essential Oils is the best place to buy essential oils online.

Ahimsa Oils customers' favourite Essential Oils and Essential Oil Blends.

  • Peppermint Essential Oil (French)PPEPF

    Mentha piperita officinalis



  • Bergamot Essential OilPBERI

    Citrus aurantium var. bergamia



  • Spikenard Essential OilPSPI

    Nardostachys jatamansi



  • Sandalwood Essential Oil - High GradePSANAH

    Santalum spicatum



  • Frankincense (Olibanum) Essential OilPOLI

    Boswellia carterii



  • Vetiver Essential Oil PVET

    Andropogon zizanoides



  • Lavender Essential Oil (Mont Blanc)PLAVM

    Lavandula officinalis/angustifolia



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    In this week’s blog, we are shining the spotlight on Manuka Essential Oil. Derived from the leaves and branches of the Manuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium), native to New Zealand, this remarkable oil has been revered for centuries by indigenous Māori for its therapeutic properties. Today, its popularity extends far beyond its native shores, captivating aromatherapists, skincare enthusiasts, and holistic health practitioners worldwide.

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    Unveiling the Essence of Rose Damascena Essential Oil

    I have always been a fan of history and loved the subject even many (many) years ago at school and now researching the origins and uses of essential oils I often seem to disappear for a few hours down the “rabbit hole” so to speak. This topic has been no different and we are looking at the history of Rose Damascena Otto essential oil as it is as rich and captivating as the fragrance it embodies.

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    Sweet Almond Carrier Oil: The Perfect Addition to Your Skincare Routine

    A cost effective and very popular all-purpose carrier, Sweet Almond is a natural, gentle, and effective way to care for your skin. This versatile oil is not only emollient and soothing but also perfect for those with dry skin. Let’s explore the benefits of Sweet Almond Oil, its uses, and why it should be a staple in your skincare routine.

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