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Karanj Seed Oil

Karanj Seed OilSKARAN

Our Karanj Oil from India and has traditional uses against eczema, psoriasis, wound healing and flaky skin. It traditionally is also applied to insect bites.



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  • Description

Karanj Seed Oil

Pongamia pinnata Seed Oil

Method of Extraction:

Cold Pressed

Karanj Seed Oil is incredibly versatile. Dry, mature and cracked skin loves it.

Special Notes:

This product comes with a poison label-if ingested Karanj Seed Oil is poisonous.

If you use up to 25% in a carrier oil blend you will enjoy the benefits. It is well tolerated and great for the skin at this percentage. Generally non sensitising to the skin but test first. Avoid if pregnant. Keep out of reach of children.



Nutrient Profile:

Unique fatty acid profile with lignoceric.


Skincare & Skin Conditions. Also used as an insect deterrent topically historically.

Benefits & Properties:

 Anti-inflammatory, Insect deterrent

May Assist With:

Acne (inflammation), Skin Conditions


Shelf Life of Karanji Seed Oil

Our freshly decanted Karanji Seed Oil will last for 12 months minimum if stored correctly:

Storage Considerations:

Store your bottles in a room that does not receive much, if any direct sunlight. Store your bottles in a manner that prevents them from being repeatedly exposed to light sources. Store your oils in a room that is kept cool and dry.

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