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Organic 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oils

Organic Fennel Essential Oil

Organic Fennel Essential OilOFEN

Foeniculum vulgare v.dulce (Hungary)



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Organic Sweet Fennel Essential Oil 

(Foeniculum vulgare v. dulce)

‚ÄčOrganic Whole Seeds-Steam Distilled

Known as ‘Nine Herbs Charm’ in English folklore, this essential oil is adored for its exotic aroma; the Fennel Sweet has a woody scent and is a favourite among Aroma therapists.

Our Organic Fennel Sweet essential oil has a mild sweet touch to it, with a mild hint of spicy; its overall bouquet is dry. This essential oil has clarifying and uplifting properties, which are described as ‘restoring’ and ‘invigorating’. It also has a warming effect, which is relaxing during massages.

Blends well with all kinds of Cedarwood and Lavender oil blends.

Organic Sweet Fennel Essential Oil Major Components:

Trans-anethole  74.74%

limonene  7.65%

fenchone  7.55%


alpha-Pinene 3.45%

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