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Essential Oils: Messengers to the Heart

This third article in the "Meditation" series is designed to reveal the most powerful mode of working with Ahimsa Essential Oil Blends and Ahimsa Meditation Blends: and how you may engage them in helping to bring about the changes you desire in your life.

But first: one final morsel of science - before we move on to the practical applications of our new enhanced mode of perception. 

Until comparatively recently we lived and interacted within a world of matter governed by  physical laws: but with the dawning of the 20th. century we were catapulted deep within a strangely different reality.

Albert Einstein first demonstrated that space and time were not absolutes and shortly afterwards, we were confronted by a newly perceived sub-atomic realm that appeared to  be totally random. 

During the 1970's however, John Bell (Bell's Theorem) demonstrated that randomness was no more than an illusion. 

In reality, at the sub-atomic level, the observer plays a fundamentally creative role i.e. it is the expectation of observing a particle that will give rise to a particle: the expectation of observing a wave will give rise to a wave.

In the quantum experiments: 

It was demonstrated that the intention or expectation held by the experimenter, determined the outcome of the experiment. 

As a result of these quantum experiments, the understanding of our place in the universe has been re-defined and we have been raised to the role of creators - as exercised via our intention or expectations

We must also recognise that our intention is reinforced and empowered by our belief in the technology we are employing. 

It is for this reason that an understanding of the quantum science is so important.

Within this newly envisaged reality, the most profound meditative experiences are induced by an act of feeling as opposed to thinking: a fact confirmed by the physical sciences. 

This being the case: 

it is the direct resonance between our ‘feelings’ and our ‘heart-field’ that actuates a direct link to the ‘Quantum-field’: the ‘A-field’: the ‘Unified-field’: or, ‘Field of Infinite Possibilities’ - and determines the manner in which we experience 'reality'.

All too often, the majority of our feelings are generated by the litany of problems that populate our everyday lives and as a result, much of our input is undirected, negative and of a destructive nature. 

Despite this however, we always have the opportunity to interact with the quantum-field in a positive and beneficial manner: if only we have the awareness to do so.

The choice is ours to make!

Owing to the fact that essential oils are intrinsically carriers of informationthey are unrivalled allies, when making those choices. 

All essential oils serve as messengers to the heart: for they are unique carriers of the information that we generate, via the feelings we express. In choosing an oil or blend that resonates with our objectives: we are therefore able to enhance our opportunity to actualise our most treasured goals and aspirations.

As the frequency, or energy, of each essential oil is unique - then so too is the information that it is able to carry. 

Each one navigates its own peculiar pathway and in doing so, offers us the opportunity to address the specific challenges that confront us.  Furthermore, when combinations of oils are skillfully blended: they become increasingly information-rich and their creative potential is greatly enhanced. 

In every moment, our hearts and our heart chakras are confronted by the problems, decisions and challenges of our everyday lives (as perceived by our ‘busy minds’): and in this third article, we will discuss how we may effortlessly restore harmony to our heart-field. 

Skilfully developed and enhanced over more than three decades: ‘Ahimsa Blends’ are exceedingly information rich – and as such, are the perfect tools to assist us in our exploration of the Field of Infinite Possibilities and the Path of Tranquility.


Harmony Blend:    A Tonic for the Energy Field.

Rather than addressing specific problems or issues that are disturbing the heart-field: Harmony Blend is formulated to generate an energetic matrix that resonates with each and every chakra - and thus entrains a state of energetic harmony.  

As a consequence of this entrainment: each chakra is presented with the opportunity to resume its natural frequency. 

Harmony is a multipurpose blend that enhances coherence and thus the harmonisation of our heart-field. 

As a consequence of this enhancement, all negative emotions (and the destructive patterns they create) are invited to dissolve.

As the information field is cleansed - we are at liberty to install programmes of a more constructive and harmonious nature.

Harmony Blend is also invaluable whenever we wish to generate relaxed, harmonious and positive feelings: and to rapidly re-establish our connection with our heart-field and the Field of Infinite Possibilities

Harmony is a blend that entrains a state of energetic harmony: the state from which all change is made possible. This feeling of harmony is expressed via a Symphony of Flowers and Citruses: the grounding and nurturing essence of Earthy Patchouli, enhanced by a hint of  warming, soothing spices and resins. 


Chakra 4:  The Heart Chakra.

Chakra 4 Blend.

Chakra 4 Blend is formulated to resonate with the energy of the heart: a blend of pure essential oils that harmonise with the energy and purity of unconditional love. 

The energy of the heart opens a portal to The Field of All Possibilities and the experience of infinity -and in doing so, bids us to abandon all notions of limitation and to release all elements of grief, separation and isolation. 

Pure Rose Otto, Sandalwood and Bergamot resonate with the heart: conjuring the pure energy of light - and inviting to us to embrace the experience of unconditional love, joy, peace and union. 

Hints of rich earthy vetivert ground this ethereal blend: imprinting and stabilising its energetic blueprint within the heart field, so that we have the opportunity to return whenever we choose.


Queen of Flowers:   Balm to the Heart.

Queen of Flowers - is balm to the heart and the soul. 

When meditating with Queen of Flowers we are liberated to experience the essence of our true self: our true potential and capabilities  - and to bask in the pure bliss of unconditional love. 

This high-energy oil anchors us within the heart-field and entrains a profound 
and enduring experience of serenity and fulfilment. 

With practice, we may retain this energy on our return to everyday awareness: and ultimately, make it our lifelong companion. 

Pure and expansive: the aroma of Otto of Roses, mingles with Woods, Florals and just a hint, of exotic Tuberose.


Patchouli Sensual Blend.

Patchouli Sensual Blend is the choice when you wish to pamper yourself -  or simply enjoy a temporary respite from the demands of a busy life. 

As the name of this blend suggests: you are invited to enter into deep resonance with your feelings and hence connection with your heart chakra.

From the portal of the heart chakra, you are guided gently within your inner sanctuaryto your very own personal refuge, where you are at liberty to feel, to dream - or simply to be.

A floral symphony of Roses, Geraniums and Lavender are grounded by the sensuous aroma of exotic Tuberose and Lavender Absolute - whilst hints of earthy Patchouli and mystical Spikenard weave a path to a sublime sensory experience.

This is the ultimate antidote to a busy life of stress: of ceaseless demands on our time - and no time to attend to our own needs. 



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