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Make Your Own Perfumes, Perfumed Oils & Eaux De Toilette

Discover the joy of making your own perfumes, perfumed oils or Eaux de Toilette.

Perfumery is an age old art which can give you a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction as well as rewarding you with massive cost savings.


Parfum - 15% to 20% perfume compound in either our perfume base or jojoba (e.g. for 20% strength use 10ml of compound to 50ml of perfume base or jojoba).

Eaux de Toilette - 5% to 10% perfume compound in our perfume base (e.g. for 10% strength use 10ml of compound to 110ml of perfume base).

Manufacturing Method:

a) Accurately measure out the desired amounts of compound and base (we have measuring cylinders available in the Accessories section of this website).

b) Add the compound to the base, shake well and allow to stand and mature for at least 3 weeks before use.

Glass Roller Bottles

Our glass roller ball bottles are ideal for perfumed oils and fit perfectly in your handbag . Find them in the Accessories section of the website also.


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