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Meditation For Busy Minds: One

The ‘Mystery’ and ‘Science’ of Meditation, is the first in a series of articles entitled ‘Meditation for Busy Minds’. Our journey begins with a brief exploration of how science may serve to unlock elements of the ‘mystery’ of meditation and in doing so …………… ‘transform’ what often appears as an impossibly difficult challenge ……… into a ‘simple, natural and infinitely rewarding ‘ journey through consciousness’.

Meditation For ‘Busy Minds’: Part One.

‘The Mystery’ And ‘Science’ of


(Author: Jenna Bosley)


The ‘Age of Discovery’ in science is coming to a close, 

opening up an ‘Age of Mystery’…………….

Today, we are on the cusp of an epoch-making transition,

from being passive observers of Nature,

to being active choreographers of Nature.



Dr. Michio Kaku: Professor of Theoretical Physics.

Co-founder of ‘String Theory’.

Co-author of ‘Unifying Theory of Superstrings’.



What Exactly, is the ‘Mystery’ ?

And …………….. How do we Interact with It?



Professor Kaku’s statement raises many questions - but the most meaningful’ of these, are:

a) What is the ‘Mystery’?

b) Why might it be of paramount importance to each and every one of us?

      and …………..

c) How may we unlock its wisdom?


The dawning of the ‘quantum era’ initiated a radical ‘transformation’ of our scientific paradigm and in doing so, forced us to re-examine the question of our place in the universe’.

It was a moment in time, in which our most deeply rooted notions of reality’ began to ‘crumble’ - and our familiar ‘Universe’ was transformed beyond recognition. Cast adrift, within a shockingly challenging and unfamiliar environment, we stood on the brink of a new ‘Age of Mystery’.

Our first and greatest challenge was to comprehend our role within this strangely unfamiliar environment: for the very fabric of our reality had shifted and in doing so, it compelled us to re-define our understanding of what it means to be ‘human’.


A human being is part of the whole,

called by us the ‘Universe’,

a part limited in time and space.

He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings

as something separated from the rest –

a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.

- Albert Einstein.


The conclusion was inescapable:


We were no longer merely ‘passive observers’,

for we had become ……………

conscious manifestors of change’.


As ‘conscious manifestors of change’, our challenge was to embrace ‘The Mystery’ and actively engage in a transformative ‘journey of discovery’

Alongside the scientific method: meditation is arguably the most powerful of ‘tools’, when engaging in a ‘journey of discovery’. This being the case, we are already fully equipped to participate in this ‘journey through consciousness’As all meditators are acutely aware, the greatest obstacles to successful meditation are arguably:

Not ‘Understanding’ the concept: Not ‘Understanding’ the process and ………….

Silencing’ the ‘Busy Mind’.

In this first article, we will explore the scientific framework underpinning the Art of Meditation’: and reveal how meditation can help us to ‘consciously navigate’ the unknown territory of the ‘Mystery’.

            The unveiling of the ‘Mystery’ was an unanticipated outcome of the quantum era’: one that shocked scientists and non-scientists alike. Nonetheless, under intensive scrutiny from the most eminent scientists of our time, the ‘Mystery’ slowly began to reveal its inherent nature and its secrets.

In doing so, it demanded a ‘transformation of our notions of reality’ and most importantly ……….. the route by which we mightinteract with that reality’.

            The realisation that our ‘Mind’ or ‘consciousness’ was not to be found within our ‘marvelous brain’ was indeed, one of the most confronting discoveries of the ‘quantum era’.

            For, as ‘wondrous’ as the brain might be: it had been shown -  not  - to be the home of ‘consciousness’ (Penrose et. al).  

Despite the ‘shocking’ nature of this revelation - the accumulated weight of experimental evidence is unequivocal:


Consciousness’ is ‘non-local’ and therefore, operates via instantaneous

action’ or the instantaneous transfer of information’.


In other words:

our consciousness operates within a field…………. beyond

space and time’.


A property dubbed, spooky action at a distance’, by Albert Einstein.


Time is not at all what it seems.

It does not flow only in one direction

And the future exists simultaneously with the past.


- Albert Einstein (1879-1955).

The challenge we face (as conscious participators in the ‘Mystery’), is both thrilling and daunting and to date, we have attained but a ‘glimpse’ of that ‘Mystery’.  It is however, a ‘glimpse’ that reveals: a

universe of infinite

possibilities’ ………. and …….. we have only to venture to explore them.

We are now aware that:

‘Consciousness is non-local’ and may be envisaged as an ‘information field’:

dwelling deep within a continuum,

 beyond the frontiers of space and time,

within which,  ‘consciousness’

‘dreams our reality into being’.

It is however of vital importance we realise that:

each and every one of us may ‘choose’ to interact directly with the ‘Mystery’ and in doing so ………………. become ‘conscious creators of change.

This gift - is the natural birthright of each and every human being.


We have but to ‘choose’ to participate in the ‘cosmic-game’.


The Art of Choosing Wisely – and Entering The Mystery’


            As science begins to unravel the parameters of this formerly covert aspect

of our Universe, we are compelled to ‘loosen the boundaries of our imagination’ -


For as Cosmologist Jude Currivan asserts:

The complex plane and indeed other nonphysical spaces and dimensions are

being ever more recognized as a deeper level of reality’.

It is a statement that prompts us to ask – ‘Why does this matter to us?

It matters because, as Jude Currivan reveals:

These spaces are the home of the ‘Mystery’ and the realm ……………. 

‘ from which the physical appearance of our Universe emerges’.


The Mystery’ .

            It essential to understand that unlike the domain of matter i.e. the


‘Material Universe’:

the home of ‘Mind’ or ‘consciousness’ ………… lies within a ‘continuum’ of  ‘no-space, no-time’ – and most importantly, as Jude Currivan points out:


‘A continuum has the capability of literally carrying information –

Our Universe is however finite’.

            It is therefore no surprise that the revelations of ‘post-quantum’ science have been described as truly ‘shocking’ - for  it seems that, although our bodies are tethered to the material universe :

consciousness is free to roam at will,

within a ‘creative’ realm where the foot may never tread


            In the wake of the ‘quantum shift’ in science, our understanding of the

‘Universe’ (and our role in it) has been transformed almost overnight:

a transformation so outrageous, that it confronts our logical, rational ‘Brain’.

            Nonetheless, as human beings endowed with ‘consciousness’, we are now

invited to explore and interact with this formerly unrecognised aspect of our ‘Selfand our

Universe’ – referred to as ‘The Mystery’:


A creative and ‘Interactive Field of InfinitePossibilities’:

The Home of our Consciousness.

Our ‘Mind’ or ‘consciousness’ is at liberty to explore this exciting new Interactive

Domain - that responds to our desires through its ‘quantum choosing’.

As a consequence of which:

We may nowchoose’ to be ‘conscious creators of our personal ‘experience–­ rather than ‘unconscious’ creators of our ‘chaos’.

In Summary.

            As a consequence of the insights derived from advances in quantum physics: it is now understood that the ‘material ‘universe is underpinned by numerous non-physical spaces and dimensions - and is the ‘outcome’ rather than the ‘cause’.

         Although our knowledge of the ‘Mystery’ is as yet minimal, it has been demonstrated to exhibit many properties of which we are certain:

*It is an ‘information-domain, that is deemed to be limitless.

*It is a ‘continuum, within which we enact our ‘quantum choosing ’ – and in doing so, ‘the possibility is made manifest’.

*It is a realm of  pure energy’: that we are free to enter, when in a meditative state - and is typically, experienced as a feeling of home’.

Arguably one of the most important revelations has been that: our quantum choosing is made manifest, via the medium of ‘consciousness ’.

As a consequence of this, we have every reason to ‘choose wisely’!

In our second article, the ‘Art of Meditation’:

We will explore a practical approach to silencing the ‘Busy Mind’: and in doing so, make the practice of ‘creative meditation’, both natural and simple.


In Conclusion:

            We have explored the nature of ‘consciousness’ from a ‘scientific perspective’: and defined the ‘realm’ in which ‘consciousness has it being’.

            But most importantly: we have provided a ‘framework’ that:

a) ‘requires’ our ‘rational, analyticalBrain’ to ‘disengage’: and

b) ‘permits’ our ‘Creative Mind, or consciousness ’ to ‘engage’ in activities that would otherwise, have been rejected as ‘irrational’ or ‘delusional’.

            We have now established a route by which are empowered to ‘creatively’ engage in the meditative process and in doing so ……… to initiate change.


Meditation is a technique that has been practiced within spiritual traditions, from the earliest of times ………  and grants us access to:

The ‘Infinite Field of Possibilities’The Home of Consciousness – and a ‘realm 

‘beyond time and space’, within which ‘we dream the material reality into being’.


A few closing words:

The atypical structure and formatting of these articles is deliberate:

* They are structured to engage us in a ‘conversation with consciousness’ - rather than with the ‘rational, analytical brain’.

* Re-read them as often as you choose, for in doing so: you ‘expand and reinforce‘ your connection with the ‘field’ and your ‘non-physical

Self’…………… furthermore, you prepare your ‘Mind or ‘consciousness’  to engage in a personal ‘journey of exploration’ within the ‘field of our being’.



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