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Meditation for ''Busy Minds''. ''The Art of Meditation''

In this second article, we will explore the new scientific insights that enable us to enter the ‘Mystery’ and to effortlessly engage in the magic of meditation

Meditation For ‘Busy Minds’.

‘The Art of Meditation’.

Author – Jenna Bosley


When we understand us,

Our consciousness,

We also understand the universe.

Amit Goswami – Quantum Physicist.


The important thing is not to stop questioning,

Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

Albert Einstein.


In ‘The Mystery and Science of Meditation’, we explored the unfolding of a new scientific paradigm: one that allows us to peer deep within the very structure of the universe itself.

And as the ‘Mystery’ continues to unfold, our notions of ‘reality’ and our place in the  universe’ are being transformed.

In this newly perceived universe, ‘consciousness’ is primary to ‘matter’ and each and every human being becomes a ‘conscious manifestor of change’ (regardless of whether we ‘choose’ to recognise our role, or not).

Meditation is the most natural and powerful route to ‘conscious manifestation’:  nonetheless, for many people, accessing the meditative state can prove challenging  and …… as elusive as a ‘will-o’-the wisp’.

Consequently, the practice is often abandoned before its boundless rewards may be experienced.

In this second article, we will explore the new scientific insights that enable us to enter the ‘Mystery’ and to effortlessly engage in the magic of meditation:  a practice embraced by traditional societies, since time immemorial.

In our third article we will explore the range of ‘Ahimsa Blends’ and ‘Meditation Blends’ in detail: revealing the many ways in which they may assist us on our journey of discovery.

In their role as carriers of ‘information’: these blends may guide us deep within the heart of the ‘Mystery’, from which we are empowered to manifest the outcomes of our ‘choice’.

The physical sciences are invaluable: for they allow us to scrutinise and analyse the  multiplicity of physiological changes that occur during meditation. It is valuable information that satisfies the intellect and expands our understanding of the process: yet no matter how great that intellectual understanding, it remains powerless to ‘capture’ the ‘experience’.

Meditation is a creative ‘Art’: but equally,

it is both a ‘Science’ and a ‘Mystery’.

In the former, it reveals itself as a measurable phenomenon:

in the latter …… an ineffable experience.


‘The Art of Meditation and the ‘Busy Mind’.

The greatest obstacle to successful meditation is without doubt, the ‘busy mind’and only when we overcome this perennial challenge, may we become ‘conscious manifestors of change’ as opposed to ‘victims of circumstance’.

The question is:

How can anyone ever know anything if they are too busy


- The Buddha.


The solution:

Do not dwell on the past,

Do not dream of the future,

Concentrate on the present moment.

- The Buddha.


If only we could stop thinking!

Our ‘busy mind’ creates a constant state of ‘flux or change’ and when left to its own devices, it entices us to:

Analyse and judge events, that lie in the past.

Imagine scenarios that might potentially, evolve in the future.

Habitually analyse our relationships: and scrutinise our interactions with those around us.


As Gandhi recognized:

Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny’.

- Mahatma Gandhi



We are the authors of change: and from the tapestry of our thoughts and beliefs, we construct our world.

But as a consequence of our undirected mental ‘busyness’, the majority of our choosing’ is performed at the ‘unconscious level’.

And so it is, that from our past …… we create our future.

It is a future in which we are confounded by a litany of ‘problems’ that endlessly demand our instant analysis, judgement and resolution.


In other words: we are kept endlessly busy!!!!!!!!


Stopping the stream of unbidden thoughts is undoubtedly, one of the oldest and greatest challenges faced by humankind - and the culprit is our predominantly left-hemisphere ‘thinking mode’.

This unfortunately, is a mode that continues to grow in dominance, in step with our technological sophistication.

It was the ‘Ancients’ who first recognised the problem of the ‘busy mind’…… and that the solution lay within the human heart. The Buddhist tradition (to name but one path), has long demonstrated the validity of this proposition and  with the aid of 21st century science ……….. we are now reaching the very same conclusion.

The heart is infinitely more than a ‘superbly efficient pump’!


If the 20th century has been the ‘Century of the Brain’……….

Then the 21st century should be the ‘Century of the Heart’.

Gary E.R. Schwartz PhD; Linda G.S. Russek PhD.



If you want to find the secrets of the universe.

Think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration


- Nikola Tesla 1856-1943: Inventor.


The shift from our everyday awareness to deep meditation requires only a shift in frequency, in much the same way as we tune a radio to a particular station. We have only to learn how to operate the tuning mechanism.

From the most ancient of times, great emphasis was placed on the role of the heart and even within our ‘Western’ technological society (that viewed the heart as simply a remarkably efficient and reliable pump), it remained as a ‘symbol’ of love.

In the 21st century however, the heart is once again reclaiming its rightful status.

Historically, the heart was revered and placed at the centre of most spiritual traditions: and within the Buddhist tradition, the powers of the heart were recognised as being:  ‘as vast as the universe itself, which dispels any feelings of powerlessness’.

Accordingly, it was placed at the ‘heart’ of their spiritual practices.

In our ‘technological age’ we stand in awe of our ‘amazing brain’, yet as science is now discovering: in regard to many specific functions, both heart and brain are actually working as one. Furthermore, in many respects, the heart is proving to be far more powerful than the brain.

Science has lately revealed that:

1) The strongest known energy fields in the human body are generated by the heart: fields that are electrically, 40-60 times more powerful than those associated with the brain.

2) The ‘heart-field’ manifests in the form of a ‘torus’ (a doughnut shape) and directly responds to our ‘feelings’. When we generate positive feelings such as joy, gratitude, appreciation and love, this field can extend metres beyond our physical bodies.

3) The more than 40,000 ‘sensory neurites’ that reside within the heart, form a communication network that has been recognised as the ‘brain within the heart’.

4a) The heart generates the body’s most powerful magnetic field: which is responsible for carrying ‘information’ throughout the body.

4b) The heart sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart and in every sense, can be regarded as having its very own ‘mind’.

4c) It appears that the field associated with the heart receives ‘information’ from the surrounding environment and in addition, broadcasts ‘information’ regarding our emotional state.

5) The heart’s magnetic field: is 5,000 times greater than that of the brain.

As the ‘Ancients’ realised so long ago: the immense power of the heart makes it our greatest ally in ‘experiencing’ the profound nature of meditation - and the lessons that it can teach us.


Additional tools:

In their role as ‘information carriers’, essential oils can enhance our capacity to ‘feel’ and in doing so, serve as messengers to the heart.

This enables us to infinitely expand, enrich and deepen the meditative experience.


Meditation and the Heart

Knowledge is nothing.

Imagination is everything.

Albert Einstein.


In our first article, the ‘Science’ of meditation: the arguments of our rational, analytical, judgemental brain were countered by science – the discipline that gave birth to its own peculiar worldview.

In this second article, the ‘Mystery’ of meditation: the new scientific worldview has freed us to explore the infinitely powerful, creative and intuitive aspect of our humanity.

Only when we are able to integrate both of these aspects, are we able to fully develop our potential and celebrate a freedom that was hitherto unattainable.




The Gateway to ‘Non-local’ Consciousness and the ‘Field of Infinite


Incorporate the following simple process within your normal meditation practice - and open the door to ‘non-local’ awareness.

Your ‘awareness’ must first be focused on the heart.

Be aware:

You are NOT trying to ‘THINK’ your way to a connection: but rather to ‘FEEL’ it.

The language of the heart is ‘FEELING NOT LOGIC’.

And importantly, when engaging in this process – ‘allow’ it to evolve: DON’T TRY TO FORCE IT.

1) When meditating via the heart: first, move your ‘awareness’ to your heart.

2) Gently touching the region of your heart can also help you to focus your

awareness’ in this place.

3) Breathe slowly and deeply, whilst generating a ‘feeling’ of love, joy, gratitude or appreciation.

4) Pay attention - and learn to  ‘feel’ the energy flowing through and around you.

If you cannot feel it at first, ‘imagine’ it.

5) With practice, sensing the field that surrounds you, becomes as natural as breathing.

Practice this until it becomes automatic: and enjoy the journey that follows.


When Seeking a Desired Outcome:

1) Our primary tool, when working with our ‘consciousness’, is our ‘intent’: for it is with our intent that we shine a light on the object of our desire.

In other words: that we ‘choose’ a desired outcome from within the infinite array of ‘quantum possibilities’.  

2) Having established our ‘intention’, we must provide the energy required for manifestation’ to follow.

This ‘energy’ is provided by our unwavering ‘belief’ - and the ‘feeling’ that our desire is already manifest.

3) The one-pointedness of Meditation, allows us to ‘consciously focus’ that intention’ and ‘feeling’ - and thus to ‘activate’ the process of manifestation.

Rome wasn’t built in a day …… nor is meditation a journey that is completed within such a time-frame: once experienced however…… it can become a journey that endures for a lifetime.

Meditation is the vehicle that transports us to a dimension beyond space and time and through the medium of our ‘non-local consciousness’, we are free to explore  the ‘field of infinite possibilities’ and manifest our most cherished dreams.

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