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Our Jojoba Oil

Our golden jojoba oil which is more technically a liquid wax is one of our primary carrier oils and is a beautiful way to dilute powerful essential oils, essential oil blends or natural perfumes.

Golden Jojoba Oil

It is known to facilitate skin ailments and also aid in skin restoration-but why is this so? The jojoba bean from which the wax esters come from that help your skin mimic the natural oils within your skin. Jojoba wax esters are similar to a large proportion of skin sebum. Jojoba oil is rich in vitamins A,D & E and Omega 6 and 9 essential fatty acids. It also has a saturated and more stable fatty acid called docosenol with antiviral capabilities.

Our jojoba oil is golden as it should be and not denatured to remove its colour. It also does not have a green tinge to it. Please avoid any jojoba oil which is not golden as the pale almost clear types are denatured and the type with a green tinge has been produced from immature or unripe seeds. The highest quality jojoba oil is not processed using heat or solvents. Our jojoba oil is cold expressed or cold pressed and comes direct from the farm.

The farm our jojoba oil is grown on use organic fertilisers but do not use pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. This results in a very nutrient rich jojoba oil without synthetic intervention. Whilst not being certified organic the oil we procure from this farm uses organic principles and best practice for extraction from the seed. They even grade seeds and remove seeds not meeting their quality standards.

Our aim as with all our carrier oils is to seek out and find the most high quality natural product that is as true as it can be to "mother nature".



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