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TGA Listed Essential Oils With An ARTG Number / AUST L Number

The Therapeutic Goods Administration oversees compliance of therapeutic goods in Australia similar to the FDA in the US and the EMA in Europe.

Except for LeReve and Heritage Brands in Australia I cannot think offhand of any huge company that has gone down this path. The multi level marketing companies use different methodologies to enhance their marketing persona. They trademark terms such as "Seed to Seal" (Young Living) or "Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade" (doTERRA) and this is common for the US companies in particular.

At Ahimsa Oils we mainly sell our Pure & Natural range to Aromatherapists and other modalities complimentary to Aromatherapy. As time goes on however many Mums and Dads also buy from us which is fantastic but what is our understanding or interpretation of why we will not be applying for these regulatory product numbers?

Firstly we do not make any therapeutic claims with regards to our essential oils and blends. Secondly we are a bespoke business which is already overloaded with paperwork. Sandy & I would not get any orders out! With that being said however we feel as many do in the industry that the TGA guidelines are more poignant for the pharmaceutical industry and not plant based products. If an essential oil is to be listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods ( ARTG) and be given an AUST L number it would more than likely have to conform to an internationally recognised monograph such as British Pharmacopeia (BP) or the like.

You can indeed, for example, buy BP monograph Lavender but it is at times not 100% pure and natural and may be altered to conform to the monograph. Ahimsa Oils Pure and Natural range is the absolute best Jenna with over 30 years experience could find. In addition, if TGA listing was of interest, how would we cover our most extensive range? It would take years and a lot of money. Our prices would increase substantially and our basic packaging would have to get glamorous! We wish to carry forward the legacy that Jenna and David created. We are of the opinion nature knows best and does not need the meddling from industrial scientists!


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