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Angelica Root or Seed Essential Oil?

Jodie back in early 2016 bought Angelica Root Essential Oil from Jenna Bosley the previous owner of Ahimsa Oils. Jodie contacted us in January 2017 to say she was unsure of the smell of the Angelica Root Essential Oil as she had smelled Angelica Seed Essential Oil at a meeting she had attended and ours was different.

Angelica Root Essential Oil

The first thing that came to mind was that Jodie had probably sampled Angelica Seed Essential Oil not Angelica Root Essential Oil. She could not confirm this but Angelica Seed Essential Oil is much cheaper and considered much less therapeutic. As we supply to Aromatherapists we only carry the Angelica Root Essential Oil. I will say once you get used to the root type essential oils such as Spikenard, Valerian, Khus, Vetivert, Tumeric and Ginger for example they are very special indeed. I love them all. In fact I have brought in (purchased) samples from different regions around the world of Spikenard, Angelica Root & Vetivert.

The Angelica Root Essential Oil I have samples for are from England, Hungary and India. They all have similarities but each is unique. I don't have any Angelica Seed Essential Oil but I rang Jenna our mentor and she said that it does not smell the same as the root oil and is possibly more agreeable in the first instance from an initial olfactory profiling.

From reference of the therapeutic benefits of the root oil versus the seed oil a read of Sylla Sheppard-Hanger suggests much more benefit in using the root oil. Dr. Peneol (a French allopathic doctor with Aromatology expertise since 1977) also mentions the root oil is a 3 star versus a 1 star for the seed oil in reference to the sedative effect, anxiety, insomnia etc. This is why Jenna (the previous owner of Ahimsa Oils) only stocked the root and not the seed oil. We have not changed a thing with what Jenna set up regarding her logic of quality. In essence and summary Angelica Root Essential Oil is much more effective and wider in spectrum therapeutically to an Aromatherapist.


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